Elevate your floral experience with sustainable, hand-tended blooms from our family farm

Rooted in Tradition, Blossoming with Innovation

Welcome to the farm! From the sun-kissed fields of dahlias to the cheerful faces of sunflowers, our blooms are a testament to our love for the land and the community we cherish. For us, sustainability means caring for and stewarding the land we farm in a way that can support our family and the next generation we are raising. Whether you're a florist seeking quality blooms, a home gardener looking for robust tubers, or simply looking for a touch of natural beauty, Sunshine Blooms Farm offers a variety of flowers cultivated with care and pride. We hope you enjoy our flowers as much as we enjoy growing them for you.

What’s important to us probably matters to you, too

  • Natural Beauty, Effortlessly Delivered

    Each flower at Sunshine Blooms Farm is nurtured to vibrant life under the Alberta sun. Enjoy blooms that bring brightness and beauty directly from our fields to your home or event.

  • Sustainably Grown, Community-Driven

    Our commitment to sustainable farming practices means every petal and leaf is grown with care for the environment and our community. We steward our land to support not just our family’s future, but that of our entire community.

  • Direct From Our Family to Yours

    We bypass the middleman to bring you farm-fresh flowers directly. This close connection ensures premium quality and helps support local, family-run agriculture.

Seasonal Wholesale Flowers

Elevate your floral designs with our seasonal wholesale flowers, hand-picked from Sunshine Blooms Farm. From vibrant dahlias to radiant sunflowers, our blooms add a touch of local charm and sustainable beauty to your special events and arrangements.

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Home-Grown Dahlia Tubers

Cultivate your own garden oasis with our premium dahlia tubers. Grow stunning dahlias in your backyard and experience the joy of nurturing these exquisite blooms from root to petal.

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Local Flower Subscription

Delight in the beauty of locally grown flowers all season long with our CSA Flower Subscription. Each week, receive a curated selection of freshly harvested blooms, bringing the essence of Sunshine Blooms Farm right to your doorstep.

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